The Turn of the Screw

The Turn of the Screw

'Femke Vindevogel and Katrien Nauwelaerts play the haunted children with just the right blend of charm and menace'
The Press and Journal, augustus 2006 (Schotland)

‘There were superb characterisations from the two “children” as well. Katrien Nauwelaerts, from Belgium, totally belied her age as a sulky little Flora.”
Alan cooper in The Harold, augustus 2006 (Schotland)


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Song recital at The Sanctuary,

Queen's Cross Church

‘….her selection of music by Hugo Wolf and Poulenc allowed us to hear what her voice was really capable of. Elfenlied and Mausfallensprüchlein were wonderfully teasing and playful while Das verlassene Mägdelein was beautifully charged and she made her two Poulenc songs shine with the special glow that French composers of this era should always have.’
Alan Cooper in The Harold, augustus 2006 (Schotland)


Hänsel und Gretel

'Trien Cornelis as Hansel and Katrien Nauwelaerts as Gretel are simply outstanding.’
Roddy Phillips in The Press and Journal augustus 2007 (Schotland)

‘Another retournee to Opera Garden was Katrien Nauwelaerts, last years’s Flora in The Turn of the Screw. This year, the part of Gretel gave her more scope for her wonderful silver soprano singing. Along with Trien Cornelis as Hansel, they were convincing as young children and their delivery of the evening prayer was magic’
Alan Cooper in The Harold, augustus 2007 (Schotland)

‘Trien Cornelis (Hansel) and Katrien Nauwelaerts (Gretel) were completely convincing and their voices blended well.’
Jim Brooks in Opera, October  2007 (UK)


Albert Herring

‘…de drie kindertjes Emmie (Katrien Nauwelaerts), Cissie en Harry spannen de kroon met hun levendige spel. Ongelofelijk hoe ‘kinds’ zij acteren. Vooral bij Emmie heb ik moeite in haar een masterstudent van ergens in de twintig te herkennen. Briljant.’  Jordi Kooiman in Opera







Opera "L'incoronazione di Poppea" van Claudio Monteverdi waarin ik mee zong als Drusilla!